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Entry #1

Help needed

2008-12-08 21:32:33 by Ratchet-Teh-Lombax

My deviantART page

My pics, feel free to look around

Anyway I know im not that great an animator, so i would like some advice (other than a pre-loader(coz i already got one of those)
also as you may already be aware Transformers Animated 2 is on at 8 in the morning on Channel 10


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2008-12-08 22:16:37

I think that animation is really difficult without a drawing tablet, I just got one and its helping me A LOT. Depending on wether u have a mac or PC the WACOM tablets are available for both, go check it out


2008-12-08 23:04:33

Ratchet and Clank it awesome. I used to be really addicted to it.

And what exactly do you want advice on?


2008-12-08 23:05:24

The link doesn't work.


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